Building/Home Improvement

Building Permit Application
Residential Decks 6.19.20 (1)
Residential Detached Garage Handout
Mechanical-Heating Permit Application Lewiston requires a mechanical permit for the installation, modification, or replacement of any furnace, air conditioner, duct work, humidifier, air to air exchange, gas piping, gas fireplace, wood stove, chimney, chimney liner, vent connector, bathroom/kitchen exhaust fan or to alter any aspect of the heating, ventilation or air conditioning system.
Plumbing Permit Application Lewiston requires a plumbing permit for any changes to the plumbing system, including the installation or replacement of a fixture, water heater, water softener, and/or a backflow preventer for a lawn irrigation system.
Re-Siding Requirements
Re-Roofing Requirements
2020 MN Building Code-Asphalt Shingle Roofing

*Re-roofing, Re-siding, Window Replacement $50 Plus Surcharge

*Moving Permit $45 Plus Surcharge

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